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Online Vein Screening

Take the first step toward better vascular health… without ever leaving home.

Are unsightly, uncomfortable varicose veins bothering you? Let us help.

Surgical Specialists of Ocala has created a quick and painless way to help you get started: an online vein screening. Simply snap and upload a few photos of your problem veins, then answer a few simple questions to give us a better idea of your concerns. After a board-certified specialist evaluates your photos and answers, we will contact you to recommend the best course of treatment, if any, for your individual needs. Our goal is for you to be feeling great and looking great in no time – and achieve peace of mind over your vascular concerns as soon as possible. So begin the journey from the comfort and privacy of your own home… it couldn’t be easier or more convenient.

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Online Vein Screening Questionnaire

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What is your main concern?

Attach any related photos to review.


Do you Experience?

varicose veinsswellingachinessPainheavinessleg crampsrestless legsnumbness or tingling in feetskin rash or discolored skinulceration or leg woundinflammationbleeding from your spider or varicose veinssuperficial clots in your varicose veins


Which of the following improve your symptoms?

elevationrestcompression hoseanalgesics/anti-inflammatoriesdiurectics or fluid pillswalkingat the beginning of the day


Which of the following worsen your symptoms?

sittingstandingworkingpregnancymenstrual cyclelying downwalkingat the end of the dayat the beginning of the day


Which of the following treatments have you had?

compression hoseanti-inflammatoriesanalgesicsendovenous ablation (laser or radio frequency)injection sclerotherapydiuretics (fluid pills)nothing as of this presentation


Which statement most accurately describes how your legs feel?

legs are improved by the morning and gradually become more painfulachy and fatigued as the day progresseslegs hurt more when I walk and are relieved when I sit down or stop walking and pain returns when I walk about the same distance againlegs hurt or ache more when sitting for long periods like on a car ride or plane ridelegs hurt or ache more when standing stationary for long periods of time


Does anyone in your immediate or extended family have swollen legs, varicose veins or diffuse spider veins?

Please accept our terms and conditions below to submit

I hereby release the screening physician and health care professionals from all responsibility in connection with this screening process. I understand that this is a limited screening and does not constitute a formal medical exam or complete diagnosis.

Surgical Specialists of Ocala physicians and health care professionals agree that no one may use or share your screening results for any purpose except for screening. Information gathered in this screening is strictly confidential and is being collected for review and evaluation for the likelihood of venous insufficiency in you, the participant.

I agree and give consent