Vascular Surgery Overview

Vascular Surgery Overview

Vascular Surgery

The Vascular System is the network of veins that move blood throughout the body. Veins are flexible, hollow tubes with flaps inside called valves. The valves open and close allowing or restricting blood flow. The muscles surrounding the veins contract to open valves and relax to close them. This exercise of pumping blood to your vital organs is necessary for them to receive the needed oxygen and blood to perform properly.

If the valves inside your veins become damaged, the valves may not close completely. This allows blood to flow in both directions. When your muscles relax, the valves inside the damaged vein(s) will not be able to hold the blood. This can cause pooling of blood or swelling in the veins. The veins bulge and appear as ropes under the skin. The blood begins to move more slowly through the veins, it may stick to the sides of the vessel walls and blood clots can form.

Surgical Specialists of Ocala have the highest level of training and expertise to treat vascular disorders in the least invasive way possible.

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